Streamline Your Request-to-Purchase Order Process

Save time, money and boost productivity with requisition approval workflow automation and purchase order software.

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Automation, Efficiency and Control

Take the hassle out of the requisition-to-PO process. Streamline everything from initial entry through approval workflows and purchasing with one easy-to-use software solution that helps you gain control, insight, and visibility over spend.

Approval Workflow is the key to an optimized request-to-PO system

Remove outdated manual processes and duplicate entry, streamline the approval process and automate the creation of purchase orders with spend management software. The benefits far outweigh the time and investment and can easily be started by defining your approval workflow process. The next step is automation—this will remove potential data entry errors, risk of fraud and reduce the request-to-PO time from a week to mere hours.

  • Boost time savings and productivity while reducing potential errors
  • Increase efficiency and spend control simultaneously
  • Benefit from improved visibility and reporting

Do More in Less Time

Efficiency boosts will save you time that can now be used to boost productivity in other important areas


Automation & Control

Intelligent automation helps your organization balance efficiency gains with necessary controls built into every step

Gain Critical Visibility

Get insights into spend to see the status of every request, get improved reporting, and quickly identify potential fraud


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