Take the complexities out of your organization’s requisition approval workflow. eRequester’s flexible, automated routing rules and complete audit trail increase efficiency and reduce maverick spending, helping you achieve a rapid ROI.

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Powerful, Web-Based Purchasing Software with an Award-Winning, Easy to Learn User Interface

Streamlining and automation take the guesswork out of your requisition approval workflow making sure approvals are routed through the proper channels while saving every detail into the transaction history for easy reference and accountability.

Automated Requisition Approval Workflow with Custom Control

Unparalleled flexibility allows tailoring the platform for your organization's specific requirements. The sophisticated approval workflow engine simplifies purchasing and helps you efficiently manage spending for your organization and your users. eRequester lets you easily define approval routing logic based on any field in the database, including:

  • Dollar amount
  • Department
  • Vendor
  • Any number of additional, optional criteria

Email notifications let approvers know that they have requisitions waiting for review, with the flexibility to approve, reject, edit, request more information, or require changes.

Take back control of your organization’s spending by tracking each requisition from initial creation to receipt, and reduce maverick spending.


With the eRequester purchasing software, users can track the status of their requisitions and POs in an easy-to-use web dashboard, while a detailed audit trail captures all associated data.

C-suite and accounting personnel can keep an eye on spending to know at a glance:

  • Who made the request and why
  • Who approved it
  • How much was requested

To meet requirements for approval, users have the ability to attach electronic documents right within the dashboard. Once submitted, eRequester allows for unlimited approval levels and flexible routing rules, so you can ensure that the right people are seeing exactly what they need to throughout the life of a purchase order. Setting configurable routing rules strikes the balance between time saving efficiency and spend control in your purchasing process. Most companies reduce expenditures by up to 70% per request and receive a return in under 1 year.

Customized Reports with the Click of a Button

Get customizable reporting to fit your business processes with eRequester.

Keep track of your total spend using a variety of criteria, such as:

  • Requisition ID
  • PO, receipt, or invoice number
  • Date
  • Status
  • Vendor

Users can even create and save their own custom, frequently-used reports to save time and overhead. All details are saved into the transaction history for easy access and quick reference at any time.

Improve Communication for Easy Reference and Accountability

Open lines of communication throughout the entire life of a purchase order ensures that nothing slips by unnoticed, reducing unnecessary spending. eRequester’s automation instantly notifies approvers and buyers by email of relevant action items. Gone are the days of tracking down individuals within your organization—if more information is needed before approval or changes are made to the request, your team is notified electronically. Comments made throughout the requisition history are saved for ease of communication among the staff, leaving a complete audit trail of all purchasing activity, saved in a central location and accessible over the web. Purchase orders with attachments can even be emailed directly from eRequester to vendors automatically.

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