Automate and save time—let eRequester Punchout do the work for you! Automating the purchasing and requisition process with eRequester Punchout helps reduce entry errors and increases your organization’s efficiency, purchasing visibility and spend control.

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Easy to use and control spend

(Did we mention how easy it is?)


Purchase with Ease!

You'll Wish Everything Were This Easy

Punchout allows users to browse a supported vendor’s website, create a shopping cart with items from their catalog, and then automatically load the data into an eRequester Requisition that gets routed for approval. Once approved, the order is electronically transmitted back to the vendor as a PO for fulfillment. You can’t get an easier purchasing & requisition experience.

Simplify and Save Everyone Time

You’ll save time by not having to maintain your own item lists, plus you’ll have current pricing and won’t need to key in item information. Depending on the vendor, some even allow creating custom-tailored catalogs unique to your organization.

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1-2-3-Done. It's that easy! 

Streamline your online purchasing by accessing the most current information on your vendors’ ecommerce websites. Remove duplicate entry to save time and reduce errors. Plus, depending on the vendor, some even allow creating custom-tailored catalogs unique to your organization. What are you waiting for?

1. Punchout

Start a requisition and Punchout to your selected vendor's website.

Punchout Step One

2. Shop

Find what you need and add it to your cart. When you're done checkout and return to eRequester.

Punchout Step Two

3. Let eRequester handle the rest

eRequester will create a requisition based on your cart. Then sit back and let eRequester's approval workflow automation handle the rest. You’ll wish everything was this easy.

Punchout Step Three

That's it. You're all done!

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What We Do

Gain critical insight into indirect spend, simplify the requisition-to-approval process, and get real-time visibility with a complete audit trail. eRequester benefits procurement, purchasing, AP and travel and expense.

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