Tools to help you save while you shop!

Marketplace Direct Punchout, Portal and Buying Desk vendor tools come built right in to eRequester. You’ll  save on every purchase, every day of the year.

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Three Easy Ways to Shop and Save


Marketplace Direct Punchout vendors let you save directly. Just Punchout to your select Marketplace Direct Punchout vendor and the pre-negotiated discounts are automatic. What you see is what you save. Get started today!


eRequester Marketplace Portal makes it easy to shop at 25+ vendors using the leveraged power of all eRequester customers to save. Get a demo today to see how Marketplace Portal can save your organization money.


If you can’t get it Direct or on our Portal, Buying Desk will find it. Seasoned procurement specialists research your purchase and leverages the purchasing power of our $7B in annual spend to get you the best price.

30% Average Savings on Over 1 Million items

Marketplace gives your company the buying power and discounts of a large purchasing group, and increases the efficiency of your procure to pay process by integrating with eRequester. You’ll save money on the products you need with no ongoing contracts to manage and no term to sign up for. Marketplace tools make it easy to shop and save!



With eRequester Marketplace tools you’ll get significant discounts at big-name brands including Office Depot, Staples, Grainger and Home Depot. Each item shows you your purchase price, and the amount you save from the retail price. When you save an average of 30% on your purchases, that makes your company bottom line look better with every checkout.


(Marketplace Portal and its associated services are only available for US addresses at this time.)

Group Purchasing Benefits

Buy with the power of a large group with pre-negotiated prices on over 1 million items.

Savings Potential
Discounted prices are pre-negotiated and displayed

Vendors You Trust

Shop well known vendors like Staples, CDW, and Grainger with prices clearly displayed.

Vendors available with more being added regularly

Increase Procurement Efficiency

Marketplace tools are fully integrated with eRequester. That means your procurement details are automatically processed in eRequester and your ERP.

Marketplace is as easy to use as your favorite online store

No Contracts

You will no longer need to negotiate with individual vendors to secure buying discounts for your company. eRequester does that for you, with the power of 7B in annual purchases.

With Marketplace, there are zero contracts, nothing for you to negotiate. Just click and save

Save money. Save time.

See Marketplace in action.


Live Marketplace Demo

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