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Purchase with Ease

Automate and save time—let eRequester Punchout do the work for you! Automating the purchasing and requisition process with eRequester Punchout helps reduce entry errors and increases your organization’s efficiency, purchasing visibility and spend control.



Take your procurement to the next level. Get Punchout bundled with the built-in benefit of discounted vendors. It's one more way eRequester helps you positively impact the bottom line.

Punchout directly to any connected supplier or choose a Marketplace Direct Punchout vendor like CDW, Grainger*, Staples and Office Depot* to get pre-negotiated savings without joining a GPO or having annual spend limits. Just Punchout and save!


*Due to be added Q4 2018

Here's how easy it is! 


1. Punchout

Start a requisition and Punchout to your selected vendor's website.

2. Shop

Find what you need and add it to your cart. When you're done checkout and return to eRequester.

3. Let eRequester handle the rest

eRequester will create a requisition based on your cart. Then sit back and let eRequester's approval workflow automation handle the rest. You’ll wish everything was this easy.

That's it. You're all done!


Save Money with Punchout

Learn how to use Punchout to save your organization money with Marketplace Direct Vendors. Gain access to discounted pricing on every purchase.

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