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eRequester Integration with QuickBooks

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Easy-to-Use and loaded with features to extend the life of QuickBooks

If you use QuickBooks, you’re a smart business manager. You probably like its easy-to-use interface and its relatively small server requirements. QuickBooks Enterprise and Premier are solid accounting solutions that are easy to use without much training and support overhead.

As your business operations grow, however, the limitations of QuickBooks start to become apparent. It doesn’t allow a lot of users, it doesn’t work very well when you have a lot of data, and it does nothing to streamline your approval process for new purchases.

Fortunately, there’s a solution. eRequester, a web purchasing and expense management solution, has a whole suite of tools to manage spending and approval workflows, create and send POs, run budget reports, and more. Use eRequester to plug up the holes left by QuickBooks and elevate your business processes like never before.

For critical financial oversight around corporate spending, eRequester’s web procurement and expense management solution offers rapid ROI, and infinite flexibility around set-up, reporting, and approval workflow.

Below are the features that our customers have come to rely on to save time, money and streamline processes

Easy-to-Use Requisition Management

  • Top Rated Web & Mobile Interfaces
  • Detailed Requisition Dashboard
  • Requisition Templates

Powerful Approval Workflow Engine

  • Robust Routing Rules
  • Audit Trail for all Requisitions
  • Approval Matrix Report


Cost Saving Capabilities

  • Remove Unnecessary Spending
  • Saves Time which Quickly Translates to Money
  • Reduce Maverick/rouge Spending with Improved Accountability

Learn more about how simplifying spend management can save your organization time and money.

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