Other eRequester Integrations

eRequester Integrates with Many ERPs

Blackbaud Financial Edge, SAP, EPICOR and many more.

eRequester offers improved business process automation for purchasing and expense management for many popular ERP/Accounting Systems to help control costs and reduce purchase to payables overhead.

eRequester web purchasing and expense authorization system captures requisition information in a centralized system for easy reporting, visibility, reduction of data entry and communication. eRequester can also be leveraged for corporate accountability controls, to aid with Sarbanes-Oxley section 404 compliance.

eRequester smoothly integrates with each to provide fields such as: Vendors, GL accounts, projects, budgets, and ship-to addresses. eRequester can then create purchase orders, receipts, and invoices that can be imported directly into your ERP/accounting system to help streamline your internal accounting processes.

eRequester has several feature-rich modules that offer countless ways to customize the solution to the needs of your particular organization, including the ability to handle receiving and inventory transactions, budget tracking, and to manage expense reimbursements. With its native support for a seamless integration, eRequester adds benefit to a company's operations and accounting as it provides

eRequester Integration Benefits

eRequester offers critical functionality to manage corporate spend. Below is a quick list of features that our customers have come to rely on to save time, money and streamline processes:

Easy-to-Use Mobile and Web

  • Detailed Requisition Dashboard
  • Requisition Templates
  • 2- or 3-way matching

Powerful Approval Workflow Engine

  • Robust Routing Rules
  • Audit Trail for Edited Requests
  • Approval Matrix Report


Cost Saving Capabilities

  • Reduce Maverick Spending with Improved Accountability
  • Many customers have experienced a reduced need to hire
  • Saves Time which Quickly Translates to Money

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