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eRequester for Acumatica

Get the best of both worlds—flexible spend management and complete cloud ERP.

eRequester and Acumatica are a perfect fit for customers looking to benefit from cloud ERP and value driven spend management. Customers can now get Acutmatica’s unique customer-centric licensing and complete cloud ERP integrated with eRequester’s easy-to-use interface and end to end requisition-to-purchase order software.

eRequester, with its core Approval Workflow Engine, allows businesses to easily improve their procurement processes by providing a flexible means to adopt time and money saving workflow automation, travel and expense simplification tools, and a top-rated requisition-to-purchase order management system. eRequester also offers a catalog of add-on modules for eRequester like Receiving, Change Order, Invoice Approval, Custom Fields, Punchout, and many more to provide a tailored software solution.

Benefits of a Seamless Integration

  • Utilize eRequester’s Best in Breed Approval Workflow engine – unlimited approval levels and near-infinite flexibility, all from a user-friendly interface
  • Seamless Two-way Integration with Acumatica Accounts Payable Data (AP)
  • Pull in Vendors, GL Accounts and Sub Accounts from Acumatica to eliminate duplicate data entry
  • Gain the advantages of eRequester’s award-winning User Interface and Acumatica’s top-notch ERP system all at once
  • Invoices in eRequester flow over to Acumatica as Open Bills automatically in real time

eRequester web purchasing and expense authorization system captures requisition information in a centralized system for easy reporting, visibility, reduction of data entry and communication. eRequester can also be leveraged for corporate accountability controls, to aid with Sarbanes-Oxley section 404 compliance.

Below are the features that our customers have come to rely on to save time, money and streamline processes

Easy-to-Use Requisition Management

  • Seamless Integration with Acumatica Cloud ERP
  • Top Rated Web & Mobile Interfaces
  • Detailed Requisition Dashboard
  • Requisition Templates

Powerful Approval Workflow Engine

  • Robust Routing Rules
  • Unlimited Approval Levels
  • Audit Trail for Edited Requests
  • Approval Matrix Report


Cost Saving Capabilities

  • Remove Unnecessary Spending
  • Saves Time which Quickly Translates to Money
  • Reduce Maverick/rouge Spending with Improved Accountability

Learn more about how simplifying spend management can save your organization time and money.

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