Request for Quote

The eRequester Request for Quote (RFQ) Module is an excellent means for generating Requests for Quote, entering, importing and comparing bids, analyzing responses and converting winning bids to Purchase Orders to approved Vendors. RFQ responses can be routed via the requisition process for additional approvals, or posted into a purchase order. Vendor response documents can also be attached to provide centralized review and approval.

The RFQ Module helps facilitate the sourcing process while providing controls over expenditures through an easy to use web interface.

Key Benefits:

  • Reduce costs by easily submitting to multiple vendors for competitive pricing.
  • Attach electronic copies of vendor bids received.
  • Easily compare bids from all vendors from one simple interface.
  • Award RFQs on a per-line-item basis to lower costs.
  • Route awarded bid(s) for approval.

Makes Creating RFQ's From Purchase Requisitions Easy

  • Ability to create Requests for Quote from one or more items on purchase requisitions.
  • Users can select from multiple vendors or optionally request new vendors to send an RFQ.
  • RFQs can be viewed and emailed directly to the vendors, along with specific instructions for each vendor.
  • Users can import RFQs into eRequester in multiple currencies via a provided excel file for comparison. This file can be sent to the vendor so they can supply specific notes or exceptions, or the user can fill it out themselves and upload it.
  • The comparison grid will show all line items in both the originating and home currencies, as well as display notes from the vendor about each item and provide additional spots for users to enter in additional exceptions to aid in comparing many aspects of each quote, in addition to cost.
  • Once the RFQs are awarded, the requisition can be routed for approval and easily converted into Purchase Order(s).
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