Custom Fields

Key Benefits

  • Adds flexibility in your purchasing, expense, and financial management processes.
  • Route requests using your custom field settings.
  • Additional information can be passed through the eRequester routing engine and into many accounting packages.
  • Custom fields can be used to set and display additional information on the request, during review, and on the final document.
  • Used with the eRequester Business Intelligence module, custom fields can be used as criteria for building custom reports.
  • Add additional information to your vendors, shipping data, receipts, and more.

Create Flexibility in Your Procurement Process Using Custom Fields

eRequester’s Custom Field Module allows you to create and specify custom data and fields throughout your procurement process. Custom fields can be set for your
vendors, request headers, request lines, receipts and shipping data. These custom fields allow you to specify any information that is a part of your financial management workflow but may not be available in eRequester by default.

Custom fields can also be used to create additional request routing options, adding infinite flexibility to your workflow.

When paired with the eRequester Business Intelligence Module, you can build custom reports that will use your custom fields and your custom data as filters, allowing better visibility into your purchasing, expense, and financial management workflows.

Custom fields can be created in several formats:

  • Free form text boxes
  • Drop down lists
  • Date/Time fields
  • Check Boxes

You can specify the names used, specific request types used, and even create default values. eRequester’s search suggest functionality can be used for custom fields with multiple options available.