Introducing Marketplace: A Group Purchasing Organization Built Right Into eRequester


With eRequester Marketplace* you’re able to save an average of 30% on over one million items and get automatic integration with eRequester’s procurement management software. By adding Marketplace to your cost containment strategy, you gain a double benefit: the savings of a group purchasing organization coupled with the insight and control of eRequester’s spend management system.

eRequester Marketplace leverages the power of $7 billion in spend to help eRequester users save money and increase efficiency. Marketplace is as easy and intuitive as your favorite online shopping site, and features discounts you can’t find anywhere else.

Group Purchasing Savings From Your Favorite Suppliers—For Less


Using the buying power of our 850+ customers to negotiate vendor prices on your behalf, suppliers on eRequester Marketplace sell their products at reduced prices—usually 20-30% off.

You can compare prices from similar vendors directly in the eRequester Marketplace dashboard, so you know you’re always getting the best price.

eRequester Marketplace’s 30+ current vendors include Office Depot, Wayfair, Staples, Grainger, Home Depot, and CWB. CEO Ben Litjen said eRequester will be rolling out additional vendors, including those serving the healthcare sector.

“We're adding Fisher Scientific and McKesson. We have a contingent of healthcare customers and we're working to add a number of healthcare suppliers,” Litjen said.

eRequester will also take feedback from customers into account when looking for new vendors.

“If we hear enough that somebody needs ABC supplier and we think there's enough volume to justify a deal… we'll go out and we'll negotiate that with the supplier,” Litjen said.

Unlike other group purchasing organizations, Marketplace has no contracts—the group purchasing feature is included in your company’s eRequester platform at no additional cost.

How to Use eRequester Marketplace in Your Procurement Strategy

Not only will you find deals you can’t find elsewhere, Marketplace is fully integrated into eRequester’s easy-to-use software.

To start your purchasing process, click the Marketplace icon and type in what you’re looking for in the search bar at the top. For example, copy paper:

eRequester Marketplace Group Purchasing Integration

Marketplace will pull types of copy paper from different vendors in its database to match your search query. It’s that easy to compare the prices of two different vendors and choose your favorite—no more switching from one browser tab to another.


Once you’ve added everything to your cart, click “Check out to eRequester.” Your purchase order will then be sent through your company’s approval process. When it’s approved, the purchase will go through and eRequester will send an invoice to your purchasing department, or you can pay with a company credit card.

A Corporate Catalog for Savings and Greater Control

eRequester Marketplace allows you to create a corporate catalog that your company’s administrators can customize in order to control rogue spending and set parameters for purchasing. Litjen also sees this as a benefit if the administrator wants employees to use a specific product.

“You might have a specific light bulb that goes in your hotel rooms or something like that. You want to make sure that that's in the corporate catalog,” he said.

Along with the corporate catalog, each user has a favorites tab to which they can save items they purchase often.

“If the person in house cleaning buys the same 15 house cleaning supplies every month, they can add all of that into their favorites and then instead of having to search the catalog one by one, just come in here and add it to the cart to be done,” Litjen said.

Another Cost Containment Solution: eRequester Buying Desk

If you can't find what you need on Marketplace, there's Buying Desk. With it, you get access to on-demand purchasing specialists to locate that hard-to-find item, or negotiate volume pricing. There are no contracts and no cost to you.

Put in a request for an item through Buying Desk and our team of professional procurement managers will negotiate the best price on your behalf.

With eRequester Marketplace and Buying Desk, you'll see savings grow your bottom line. And, automatic integration into eRequester and your ERP will allow you to keep your entire procure to pay process more visible and under better control. Leave negotiations and vendor contract management to us and focus on running your business.


*Marketplace is only available for US addresses at this time.

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