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Critical productivity for a mobile workforce. Flexibility and mobility have been key areas of growth for businesses, with no signs of slowing. Streamlining an organization’s mobile productivity and finding ways to remove speed bumps from internal processes is becoming a major area of focus for efficiency based savings. Be prepared.

The mobile workforce is expected to steadily grow by nearly 10% over the next five years

eRequester anywhere. eRequester's mobile enhancements make it easy to streamline purchasing and expense management between multiple locations and a decentralized mobile workforce.

Each tool is designed to maintain eRequester’s top-rated ease-of-use and functionality, while delivering an optimized mobile experience.

  • Mobile Expense
  • Mobile Approval
  • Email Approval

eRequester anywhere.  Get the features, productivity and spend data you need while on the road. Save time and money by streamlining processes to remove bottlenecks and common delays. Stay connected and in-the-know with eRequester’s mobile solutions:

Expense ManagemenT on-the-Road

Easily track expenses and reimbursements on the go! eRequester designed the mobile Expense Management experience with users in mind. You’ll be able to utilize the built-in intelligence to help your mobile users easily enter expenses, use prepopulated data, enter mileage and have multiple ways to upload attachments while on-the go. Plus, you’ll get the full Expense Management feature set for the office with features like; trip pre-approval, per diem rules, flexible spending rules, and more. 

Mobile APPROVAL has never been easier

All of the information and flexibility you’ll need to stay informed and on top of requests while on the road! Get email notifications and easily see pending approvals. Drill down to see the item details, attachments, and other vital data in a mobile optimized user interface. Quickly and easily use a smartphone or tablet to login and review requests to: Approve, Reject, Request a Change, and more! eRequester gives you all of the data at your fingertips to make an informed decision while out of the office.


eRequester’s Email Approval Module gives your team the ability to quickly approve requisitions by simply responding to an email while out of the office, traveling or even in a meeting. Users do not need to be connected to their work network in order to process the approval or rejection, so it can be done from virtually anywhere. Email notifications also deliver key requisition details for a quick overview; vendor, cost, approval routing, and much more right from your inbox.

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Gain critical insight into indirect spend, simplify the requisition-to-approval process, and get real-time visibility with a complete audit trail. eRequester benefits procurement, purchasing, AP and travel and expense.

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